I’m a tour guide and tourism consultant by trade, but road trippin’ is my addiction, it’s been my drug since the day I received my drivers license. I took my first solo road trip within weeks of passing the road test in a 1966 Ford Mustang. That car had a name!

My office has four tires, satellite radio, and all-wheel drive. I guess you could say that my way is the highway (I prefer the byways). My favorite traveling companion is my wife who also shares this passion for road trips and adventure. I started this site to hopefully inspire others to take their own journey on the highways, byways, and back roads of America. I’ll share a few photos and thoughts from the road and add some suggestions and ideas. I’ve also set up a travel planner with links to businesses to help you plan your own road trips. This is a work in progress so check back often to see what’s new.


This month’s featured destination is Ogden Utah.

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