Brian Head


What’s not to love about Brian Head? Here’s a laid back village where people and nature happily coexist. Located at the 9,700 foot elevation, Brian Head is the highest town in Utah which means summers are darn pleasant and winters are blanketed in a snowy wonderland. Mother Nature blessed the town with incredible mountain terrain for nearly every type of outdoor activity and surrounded it with Utah’s famous red rock scenery. Right outside your hotel, condo, even yurt you can go mountain biking, hiking, skiing and snowmobiling – the options are endless and friendly locals invite you to enjoy them all. Mountains of memories are made in Brian Head.


Entertain your inner adrenaline junkie with zip-line, chairlift rides, and disc golf and bungee trampoline. If you are up for a physical challenge, spend the day at the climbing wall and then ride your cares away at the alpine tubing. The mountain bike season is short but sweet and generally begins mid-June and runs through mid-October. Round trip shuttle service is available by local shuttle companies to take you to over 200 miles of backcountry and downhill trails and the Brian Head Resort chairlift provides access on weekends to incredible trails featuring ups, downs, jumps, bank turns and freestyle elements.

Cedar Ridge Golf Course 37.69221402666256,-113.0583093404133
Newcastle Resevoir 37.6507010921338,-113.52889513624996
Yankee Meadow Reservoir 37.75249076806387,-112.77473851566606
Grand Canyon North Rim 36.19847646922473,-112.05249626389809
Zion National Park 37.20202117316141,-112.98833160165088
Bryce Canyon National Park 37.64046018255599,-112.16962752674385
Cedar City Utah Temple 37.67178713274342,-113.09620821126356
Cedar City 37.677478698400876,-113.06206868600015
Kanarra Falls 37.535955599242165,-113.16384634285117
Old Iron Town 37.600539792870904,-113.4560287236713
Three Peaks Recreation Area 37.765610326684836,-113.169411042224
Southern Utah University 37.67648825971545,-113.07138051204197
Southern Utah Museum of Art 37.677086060688346,-113.06629466033735
Utah Shakespeare Festival 37.6766848100423,-113.06515311121757
Cedar Canyon Overlook 37.567391421895024,-112.84910316182282
Frontier Homestead State Park 37.68862365979848,-113.0625143961646
Panguitch Lake 37.7075477490379, -112.64260577108917
Parowan Gap Petroglyphs 37.90939044075365,-112.984265744818
Navajo Lake 37.52164681704623,-112.78162517918605
Kolob Canyons 37.454028249884736,-113.22463684588683
Cedar Breaks National Monument 37.6124402817043,-112.8372098381783
Brian Head Ski Resort 37.70211333370828,-112.8499165764369

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