Toquerville Falls

Toquerville Falls is located 6 miles north of the town of Toquerville in Hurricane Valley Utah.  The trail is primarily used for ohv/off road driving with the first two miles very uneven and rocky. I don’t recommend driving the family sedan on this road. High clearance vehicles with 4-wheel drive is strongly recommended. We actually got a flat tire the day I took this picture. We decided to hike the remaining 4 miles to the falls. (Scroll to the bottom for map and directions)

Previously posted photos (click on thumbnail photos below to enlarge)

Toquerville Falls 37.29867394270798,-113.24687855779213
The West Temple 37.211093833744165,-113.02021759272395
Great White Throne 37.2645565267844, -112.9407950431737
Hackberry General Store 35.37498342735744, -113.72271820539834
Sunrise at Dead Horse Point 38.469325418297444,-109.73943120255768
Mt. Belknap 38.419811248164066,-112.41283398285623
Brian Head Peak 37.681956843812706,-112.82999906460799
Goblin Valley State Park 38.56472666749515,-110.70363526319068
Maze Overlook Campground 38.2332596914074,-110.00210839198928
Canyonlands Needles District Visitor Center 38.168133762996916,-109.75955948949087
Canyonlands National Park Island in the Sky 38.459800113640966, -109.82069871645751
Angels Landing 37.271824569323314,-112.95006239968319
Red Cliffs National Conservation Area 37.21113032013738, -113.40122399598744
Padre Canyon Trailhead 37.19446824910815,-113.6593815182137
Forrest Gump Hill 37.1023465990392,-109.98917522488176
Kolob Canyon in Winter 37.46174267074972, -113.19963064112312
The Watchman 37.18533687815027,-112.97959908537223
Two Top Mountain 44.62492444461046,-111.25911595448383
Capitol Reef National Park 38.30831687179359,-111.29053218309753
The Wave 36.99593344416519,-112.00627821102375
The Wave Trailhead 37.01905958780292, -112.02489509986253
La Sal Mountains 38.52850901728889, -109.22834776508597
Old Junkers 37.721895841740015,-110.22243624416046
Gifford Farm 38.28392298207961, -111.24726895112417
Head of the Rocks Overlook of the Grand Staircase Escalante NM 37.746629030741914, -111.45403479200411
Bryce Point at Bryce Canyon National Park 37.605764691696265,-112.15796675023779
Newspaper Rock 37.9884156499265, -109.51826948240648
Acoma Pueblo 34.89632580295532, -107.58228426042024
Yellowstone Bison 44.551261415029515,-110.39953206471887
Broken Arch Trail 38.76900082906391,-109.58101250415535
Delicate Arch 38.74363631513776,-109.49931158947862